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HPCB conference 2016 - Promoting patient safety across borders

On Friday 28 October 2016 Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) held its 10th annual meeting for healthcare professional regulators.

The Promoting patient safety across borders conference brought together competent authorities and healthcare regulators from across Europe and the world to discuss important regulatory issues and developments.

The conference focused on healthcare professional mobility with a focus on the recognition of professional qualifications (RPQ) Directive and ensuring patient safety through CPD and revalidation. Keynote speakers included Dr Matthias Wismar from the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and Caroline Hager from DG SANTE in the European Commission.  

At the conference, HPCB also launched its fitness to practise sanctions mapping survey that aims to map the sanctions currently applied across Europe and how these are reflected in the new alert mechanism. All healthcare regulators and competent authorities are urged to take part. For more information, please contact the HPCB Secretariat at [email protected].