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(Not) lost in translation: transforming statutory processes to plain English standards

Paul Byrne, Head of Registration and Melika Khandanian, Registration Policy Manager, Health & Social Care Professionals Council (CORU), Ireland

CORU’s registration department has launched updated versions of their Guidance Notes: Applying For Registration Online For First-Time Applicants . The document has been revised in collaboration with the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) to meet international plain English standards and has successfully been awarded the plain English Quality Mark.

Given the complexity of CORU’s statutory remit and the diverse backgrounds of applicants seeking registration we believe it is critically important to ensure that our work remains clear to all stakeholders irrespective of geographic, socio-economic or medical factors. As a public sector body, we provide assurance to applicants, registrants and members of the public alike, of our commitment to equality and accessibility in the services we provide with the launch of the updated Guidance Notes.

The document has been revised significantly and has been split into two distinct application pathways providing information applicable to the following groups:

1. a person starting to practise their profession in the Republic of Ireland (Section 38 (S38) applicants)


2. a person who, during the 5 years before the opening of the register have been practising their profession in the Republic for at least two years (Section 91 (S91) applicants).

Both documents follow, as close as applicable, a similar structure in the information provided.

The updated guidance also includes a glossary and a useful contacts page to assist applicants by providing clarity on the terminology used and the various organisations involved in the registration process.

This project has been incredibly informative to all staff involved and has provided us with significant considerations in how we present our information to stakeholders going forward. We will also shortly be publishing our Guidance Notes document in different languages to provide greater accessibility to prospective applicants on our registration processes.

This step forms part of a wider initiative for CORU in fostering greater engagement, clarity and accessibility with our stakeholders and we look forward to developing this further in the near future.

For more information and to view the updated Guidance Notes please visit CORU.