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CORU to launch 2022 Statement of Strategy

Gillian Ryan, Communications Manager, Health & Social Care Professionals Council (CORU), Ireland

CORU regulates over 22,000 health and social care professionals in Ireland across twelve professions and will regulate over 35,000 professionals when all registers are opened for the designated professions.

Later this month CORU will officially launch its Statement of Strategy 2022-2026. This is CORU’s fourth strategy statement since it was founded in 2007.

The new strategy will guide CORU’s corporate planning as it delivers a comprehensive and ambitious programme of work over the next five years. It will ensure that CORU is an organisation that remains focused on its statutory remit to protect the public whilst also being mindful of the impact of regulation on professionals. Underpinning the strategy is the continued commitment to the organisation’s digital transformation programme so that the delivery of CORU’s remit is done in a sustainable and cost-effective way for all stakeholders.

Full details on the publication launch are available on CORU and on Twitter @CORUIreland.