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Fitness to practise sanctions mapping

Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) invites professional healthcare regulators across Europe to complete a survey on fitness to practise that are used in your authority. Healthcare regulators are urged to respond to assist HPCB in developing the proactive sharing of information and the implementation of the alert mechanism which was introduced as part of the revised recognition of professional qualifications Directive (2013/55/EU).

This new survey will aim to map the fitness to practise sanctions currently applied across Europe and will investigate how these are reflected in the new alert mechanism. HPCB was at the forefront of calling for a proactive fitness to practise exchange as early as 2005 and this survey represents the next step to consolidate this work. The survey remains open.

For more information please contact the HPCB Secretariat, [email protected].

Survey results

The HPCB secretariat will consider the outcomes of the survey in early 2017 and the results will inform future HPCB activity. Individual responses to the survey will not be made publicly available and will be entirely anonymised in the survey outcomes.

The results of the survey will be published in the Spring 2017 HPCB Update.

The HPCB Secretariat would like to thank respondents for their help in completing the survey.